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Family Relationship DNA Testing


Prove It! has a wide range of family relationship DNA tests available. See all DNA testing available below in alphabetical order. We understand every situation is unique – contact us and a specialized DNA testing staff member will answer your questions and provide a customized price quote.

Adoption DNA Testing

Another important use of DNA testing is to reunite biological family members who have been separated through adoption. DNA testing is the most effective way to reunite families–parents, grandparents, and siblings.

As with our other DNA tests, Premier will collect the necessary samples and submit them to our laboratory, where they will be analyzed and verified quickly. We offer this test for adoption cases that include:

  • Domestic Adoption (which includes any cases of contested adoption or surrogate reproduction)
  • International Adoption
  • Reunification
Ancestry DNA Testing
Avuncular DNA Test (Aunt/Uncle)
Grandparents DNA Test
Maternity Test
Sibling DNA Test

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